Former Companies

American Higher Education Development Corporation (“AHED”). M&P organized AHED in 1998 to acquire and manage high-quality post-secondary, degree- and certificate-granting, schools. M&P backed and developed a management team, which had extensive senior-level experience in starting, growing, and managing post-secondary schools.


AHED purchased its first school, Stautzenberger College in Toledo, Ohio, and its second school, Rockford Business College in Rockford, Illinois. M&P sold AHED in August 2004 to another private-equity firm.


Calendar Broadcasting, Inc. (“Calendar”). Calendar was created in 1990 by M&P to purchase, own, operate and manage radio stations. (Calendar’s mission and management were the same as June Broadcasting, described below.  The two companies were created because there were different sets of co-investors.)


Calendar purchased WBLX-AM/FM in Mobile, Alabama in October 1990; KBFM-FM in McAllen-Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas in July 1991; KTEX-FM & KVJY-AM in McAllen-Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas in June 1995; and WDLT-FM, Chickasaw (Mobile), Alabama in October 1997.


M&P sold one station in November 1998, and a year later, it sold the remaining Calendar stations to Cumulus Media.


June Broadcasting, Inc. (“June”). M&P formed June in 1992 to purchase, own, operate, and manage radio stations. The company took advantage of regulatory and marketplace changes in the industry during the 1990s, acquiring stations in medium-sized markets with strong historical and current cash flows, good physical plants with strong signals, competitive formats (more specifically a franchise in a particular format), sales and audience growth potential, and cash flow growth potential to permit market value appreciation in the future. Management was able to increase revenues and cash flow at each station and significantly increase revenues and cash flow for the group.


June purchased WXBM-FM, Pensacola, Florida in January 1993 and WNNK-AM/FM, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in May 1993. June sold these stations to Patterson Broadcasting in March 1996.

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