The Firm

Murphy & Partners, L.P. (“M&P") is a private equity investment firm organized in 1988. Since 1989, M&P has raised four funds and has invested in a portfolio of private equity securities through a series of investments in small and medium-sized companies.


M&P has a focused investment strategy that allows it to concentrate on areas of its expertise that have the potential for exceptional returns to investors. It concentrates on smaller companies where it can back professional, bottom-line focused management teams. Typically M&P invests in service businesses, such as education, healthcare, media, and other business services. M&P usually takes a controlling position in any company in which it makes an investment and is an active, long-term equity partner with the management of the portfolio companies. The goal is to leverage the partners’ industry and transaction expertise along with strong management in order to achieve rapid appreciation in value through internal growth and external acquisitions and then to realize gains in value through cash sales to third parties or public offerings where possible.

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